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Park Trains

A classic Park Train

A classic park train.
Photo by Bill Norton

Park Trains are an interesting branch of railroading. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the small trains that only a child will fit in to the 3 foot gauge lines you'll find at some large amusement parks. Some are scale replicas of full size trains, others are unique creations that don't resemble anything ever built by Baldwin or Lima.

While often overlooked by railfans, Park Trains can sometimes provide a fascinating glimpse of steam in revenue service. Look beyond the shiny paint and gaudy surroundings and you'll see a real steam locomotive working hard to provide transporation, just like they used to do. Some of the larger systems such as Disneyland and Cedar Point haul hundreds or even thousands of passengers every day.

Even if they don't recreate railroading's past, they often provide a fun way to spend some time, just as the designers intended. They also give a good look at steam in every day service.


Park Train Resources

There are a lot of park train fans out there. Here's a couple of resources to help you get in touch with some of them:

  • Park Trains Link Directory - Large list of links to park train railroads, websites and suppliers.

  • The Park Trains website by Matt Conrad, detailed information on Park Trains and lots of photos.

  • Grand Scales Quarterly - Magazine devoted to large scale miniature railways and park trains. Grand Scales Quarterly, P.O. Box 8953, Red Bluff, CA 96080 publisher (530) 527-0141


Park Trains Photo Gallery

RailroadPix.com features a collection of park train photos.

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