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Washington Iron Works Skidder
Swifts Creek, Victoria, Australia

Photo Gallery

All Photos by Professor Klyzlr

Info Panels
Photo Gallery

Overview pics of a W.I.W. skidder in Victoria, Australia.
They are HIGH RES pics, Please be patient.
(click on the thumbnail to view the full size image)


Block_on_Ground01_Comp.jpg (209611 bytes) 24" block on ground at site. Ruler incredments are 5cm, (2")
GuyTackle01_Comp.jpg (284499 bytes) One of the remaining original guy rope tensioning systems.
Left_Hand_Spar_and_Carriage_Comp.jpg (171478 bytes) Main or "Left hand Spar tree on site. The car is parked directly below the skyline carriage and hook block.
Right_Hand_Spar01_Comp.jpg (188179 bytes) Secondary or "Right hand Spar"
Skidder_Drum_Front01_Comp.jpg (208985 bytes) Front on view of the skidder drums
SkidderPortrait01_Comp.jpg (204448 bytes) Left hand side view of the skidder. The shed over the skidder has been rebuilt with new wood framing and corrugated iron, but as many of the original hinges and ironwork has been re-used
SkidderPortrait02_Comp.jpg (235442 bytes) Right hand side view of skidder. The shed over it has been rebuilt with new wood framing and corrugated iron, but has many of the original hinges and other ironwork fittings have been re-used
Narooma_Hauler01_Comp.jpg (54170 bytes) A small log hauling trailer I found while on the way home from the W.I.W. site.
Narooma_Hauler02_Comp.jpg (56418 bytes) A second view of the homegrown log hauling trailer

Happy Modelling,
Aim to Improve,
Professor Klyzlr

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