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The Critter Page

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Walkersville Southern #2, is a good example of a "Critter"
Photo by Nick Siebold

Critter Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Critter Page. This section of our site is devoted to small industrial locomotives and tramways, popularly known as "Critters". When asked for a definition of a critter, most critter fans will reply "You'll know one when you see one..." Like art, "Critterdom" is in the eye of the beholder.

For those you who want a bit more precise definition of a critter, Ian Campbell has created a list of some generally accepted critter characteristics.


Critter Resources

There are a lot of critter fans out there. Here's a couple of resources to help you get in touch with some of them:

  • CrittersList is an e-mail list devoted to Critters.
    The list is hosted by Yahoo! (http://groups.yahoo.com/)
    To subscribe to the list or view the recent message archives, visit

  • The Critters Links Directory can be found at the Information Train Station and contains links to lots of other critters sites.


The Critter Gallery

RailroadPix.Com features a collection of critter photos.

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